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The Girls On The Beach cover

The Girls On The Beach

Film about The Beach Boys

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Released on May 12, 1965

Run time: 80 min

Directed by William Witney

Written by Sam Locke (as David Malcolm)


  • The Girls On The Beach

    • 2016
    • Paramount Pictures
    • US
    • Amazon Video
    The Beach Boys appear on this film performing 'Little Honda', 'Girls On The Beach' and 'Lonely Sea'.
    The girls of Alpha Beta need to raise $10,000 in two weeks to save the sorority house. Among their schemes to raise the funds are a beauty contest, a newspaper puzzle, and a baking contest.
    Director: William Witney
    Starring: Noreen Corcoran, Martin West
    Supporting actors: Linda Marshall, Steven Rogers, Ahna Capri, Aron Kincaid, Nancy Spry, Sheila Bromley, Lana Wood, Mary Mitchel, Gail Gilmore, Peter Brooks, Lori Saunders, The Crickets, The Beach Boys, Lesley Gore, Lynn Cartwright, Carol Connors, Michele Corcoran, Pat Danning.