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Surfing USA cover

Surfing USA

Featuring The Hits Of The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys Documentary

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Released on December 9, 2003

Run time: 50 min


  • Surfing USA: Featuring The Hits Of The Beach Boys

    • December 9, 2003
    • Passport Video
    • US
    • DVD
    During the 1960's, surfers took to the beaches of Southern California like never before. The bikinis were short, the surf-boards were long, and the music was unmistakable.
    From surf music to surf fashion, from the beach lingo to the beach culture, relive the coolest days from the hottest decade in durfing - SURFING USA.
    Featuring the hits ofโ€ฆ THE BEACH BOYS
    1. Barbara Ann
    2. Johnny B. Goode
    3. Long Tall Texan
    4. Surfer Girl
    5. Surfin' U.S.A.
    6. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
    7. Sidewalk Surfin' (Performed by Jan and Dean)