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Summer Dreams cover

Summer Dreams

The Naked Truth Behind The Beach Boys

Film about The Beach Boys

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Released on April 29, 1990

Run time: 96 min

Directed by Michael Switzer

Produced by Joel Fields and Ardythe Goergens; Written by Charles Rosen, based on the book 'Heroes and Villains' by Steven Gaines


  • Summer Dreams: The Story Of The Beach Boys

    • May 30, 2006
    • Direct Source
    • US
    • DVD
  • Summer Dreams: The Naked Truth Behind The Beach Boys

    • January 1, 1994
    • Leonard Hill Films
    • US
    • VHS
    They had the world at their feet. Tens of millions of fans love them. Their music shot to the top of the charts. But behind the surfboards and the smiles, behind the girls and the gold records, the legends of rock had secrets of their own...