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The Wilson Project


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Released on November 1991

Written by Stephen J. McParland


  • The Wilson Project: 2013 Edition

    • May 6, 2013
    • Editions Berlot
    • Bobigny, France
    • Paperback
    • 395 pages
    • ISBN: 2954483407
    The Wilson Project, 2013 Edition details the period from may 1986 to June 1987 that saw leader of the Beach Boys Brian Wilson and songwritter/producer Gary Usher working together in preparation for Brian Wilson's first solo longplayer. Taken directly from careful audio journals that Gary Usher kept during that period, The Wilson Project is a day by day look at the creative outpourings and the frustrations encountered by Usher and Wilson, as they tried to outwit and out man?uvre Dr. Eugene Landy, the psychologist in charge of Wilson's welfare. Stephen Mc Parland unveils the truth behing the myths: Landy's grip on all aspects of Wilson's creative and business life, day to day surveillance, the troubled relationship between Wilson and the other beach boys, anecdotes on brian wilson's social life etc. Also included in this edition are 100 pages worth of bonuses : handwritten lyrics by Brian Wilson and Gary Usher, exclusives photos from Gary Usher's private collection, interviews, notes, legal documents, etc.
  • The Wilson Project Tapes 1-10

    • May 2001
    • CMusic Books
    • North Strathfield, N.S.W.
    • Hardcover
    • 217 pages
    • ISBN: 1876788100
    The Wilson Project specifically covers the period in 1967 when the later-discredited Dr. Landy placed Brian Wilson with Usher for a comeback album. The book details the events from Usher's daily journals, and the subsequent text is one of the most amazing rock stories of recent times, with harrowing accounts of Wilson's difficulties.