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Meeting Dennis Wilson cover

Meeting Dennis Wilson

A Novel


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Released on December 3, 2013

Written by Max Harrick Shenk


  • Meeting Dennis Wilson: A Novel

    • December 3, 2013
    • CreateSpace
    • Charleston, SC
    • Paperback
    • 636 pages
    • ISBN: 1494325691
    15 year old softball pitcher (and Beach Boys fan) Margo LeDoux has a crush on Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson, and wants to meet him, but her boyfriend, Scott, doesn't really like the idea. Meanwhile, Margo's best friend (and our narrator) Brian Pressley and his girlfriend, Christy Kelly, decide that they are going to take steps toward going all the way, steps which seem to get them into trouble no matter how careful they are. And then there is Christy's big sister Kathy, who is stricken with a bad case of senioritis and a boyfriend who is avoiding her just weeks shy of the senior prom ... and Brian's buddy Marty, a shy kid with a Beatles obsession and a crush on Margo ... and Margo's catcher Tara Longbaugh, whose parents have a Beach Boys connection that could get Margo closer to meeting her heartthrob ... not to mention parents, brothers, sisters, classmates and teachers who just seem to make life harder, not easier. How can a girl with a rockstar-sized crush meet the drummer of her dreams?