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Little Deuce Coupe cover

Little Deuce Coupe

Studio Album by The Beach Boys

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Released on October 7, 1963

Capitol US T 1998

Produced by Brian Wilson

Chart position: # 4

Originally released in mono


Little Deuce Coupe
Hit HITB. Wilson/Christian
Ballad Of Ole' Betsy
Gem GEMB.Wilson/Christian
Be True To Your School
Car Crazy Cutie
Cherry, Cherry Coupe
Hit HITB.Wilson/Usher/Love
Shut Down
Hit HITB.Wilson/Christian
Spirit Of America
Our Car Club
No-Go Showboat
A Young Man Is Gone
Custom Machine


  • Cars, cars, more cars! Concept or cashing in on fad #2? The small clutch of new tracks are butch and camp in equal measure, but this is a rollicking ride in the '32 Ford. Singing themselves hoarse to Christian's lyrics, the boys give a high-octane finish to their stellar 1963.

    Sean Macreavy photo Sean Macreavy
  • The Boys sing their asses off here. Channeling Dion and the Belmonts on Car Crazy Cutie, going full El Monte on Spirit of America. Scrape away the decals and fuzzy dice and you’ve got some tough LA rock and roll in the best tradition of Jesse Belvin and Eddie Cochran. With cars.

    Gene Dorney photo Gene Dorney
  • This is the album that made me a life-long Beach Boys fan. I'm not a Surfer but I do drive. And the music. *Listen* to the music. Inventive stuff. Same goes for the lyrics. It really is a great production. Two minute slices of high school life in the '60s.

    Rick Kiebiech photo Rick Kiebiech
  • To put it simply, underrated. Definitely one of the better 'pre-Pet Sounds' albums. Some awesome vocal work by Brian in songs like Car Crazy Cutie, Spirit of America, & Ballad of Ole' Betsy. Some great rockers on there too!

    Vince Krasinski photo Vince Krasinski
  • A snapshot of early-60s American youth culture and car culture packaged within mythos and allure of Southern California. A concept album before we had ever heard of concept albums... and a really fun listen.

    Alan J. Vitello photo Alan J. Vitello
  • Quick cash-in with old songs and hastily added new tracks is still brilliant. No-Go Showboat is the standout song: both catchy and hilarious and full of THOSE amazing harmonies. 'When it comes to speed, man, I'm just outta luck/I'm even shut down by the ice cream truck!'

    J Neo Marvin photo J Neo Marvin
  • Brian & Roger Christian were really cooking on Little Deuce Coupe. Brian redid Be True To Your School with the Wrecking Crew & The Honeys instead of just himself, Carl, David and Dennis backing Mike, & in a different key. Car Crazy Cutie has Brian doing a great Girl Group song!

    Steve Sherokey photo Steve Sherokey


  • Little Deuce Coupe (Mono & Stereo Remasters)

    • October 9, 2012
    • Capitol
    • US
    • CD
    New to this edition:
    Original mono album mix previously unreleased on CD
    409 and A Young Man Is Gone stereo extraction mixes previously unreleased
  • Little Deuce Coupe / All Summer Long

    • March 13, 2001
    • Capitol
    • US
    • CD
    Bonus Tracks:
    Be True To Your School (Single Version) (B.Wilson/Love)