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Endless Summer cover

Endless Summer

My Life With The Beach Boys


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Released on July 26, 2010

Written by Jack Lloyd


  • Endless Summer: My Life With The Beach Boys

    • July 26, 2010
    • Bearmanor Media
    • Albany, GA
    • Paperback
    • 238 pages
    • ISBN: 1593931131
    There are a great many names in this book because over the course of some thirty-five or so years in the entertainment business, Lloyd worked with, met with, or just talked to a lot of people including celebrities of various ilk. A few became his friends; many were merely business or golfing acquaintances. The time he spent with the Beach Boys surely made them his friends or at least one would hope. Lloyd always made it a point to differentiate between people he designated as friends and those who were merely acquaintances based on, to a very minor degree, who picked up the check or whether or not he was close enough to be invited to their homes. Or even how quickly or even whether they returned phone calls. There are many of each. A lot of what is included in this book has not previously been in print, either because it related to things he shared personally with the people involved or because it was not known to the general public. While this isn't quite a 'tell all' book, it is definitely a 'tell some' book. Anyway, herein lies an opportunity to live what Jack Lloyd lived and then re-lived as he wrote it. Enjoy the ride.