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Surfin' With Satan cover

Surfin' With Satan

The Strange Case of Charlie Manson & The Beach Boys


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Released on October 1, 2010

Written by Jack Hunter


  • Surfin' With Satan: The Strange Case of Charlie Manson & The Beach Boys

    • October 1, 2010
    • Creation Books
    • UK
    • Paperback
    • 40 pages
    • ISBN: 1840681713
    Behind the 60s media images of bronzed surfers and nude hippies frolicking in the California sun, lay a far grimmer reality: Hell's Angels dealing in drugs, prostitution and violence; occultism; race hate; venereal disease; rape; and a strange, homicidal 'family' gathering like scorpions in the LA desert. It was against this convergent backdrop of increasingly dark forces that two men - one, a wealthy rock star from The Beach Boys, and the other, an unknown but messianic career criminal - crossed paths in the summer of 1968. SURFIN' WITH SATAN is an in-depth, illustrated analysis of the relationship between Charles Manson and Dennis Wilson, with background details on both men's ongoing preoccupations - Wilson's music and hedonism, Manson's rock-star aspirations and formative murder manifesto Helter Skelter - and the way in which they briefly and fatefully intertwined. With over 50 telling photographs.