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Denny Remembered cover

Denny Remembered

Dennis Wilson in Words and Pictures


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Released on January 1991

Written by Edward Wincentsen


  • Denny Remembered: Dennis Wilson in Words and Pictures - Revised Edition

    • August 25, 1999
    • Wynn Publishing Company
    • Pickens, SC
    • Paperback
    • 189 pages
    • ISBN: 0964280833
    A tender and touching tribute to the late Dennis Wilson, 'Denny Remembered' is a fond, funny, touching and intimate portrait of the quintessential Beach Boy. Actually little more than a fan magazine expanded to book size, Mr. Wincentsen has pulled together dozens of black and white photos of Dennis, along with numerous writings from fans and writers such as Domenic Priore, Fred Vail, and David Leaf. Also included are song lyrics (from Lindsay Buckingham and Christine McVie), poems and stories written by fans, reminiscing from the author, and most touching: written tributes from five of Dennis's six children (Gage being only one year old when his father died.) A tribute like this can be syrupy and overdone, but Mr. Wincentsen has done a very tasteful, stylish job of gathering together pieces from many different sources and presenting them here.
  • Denny Remembered: Dennis Wilson in Words and Pictures

    • January 1991
    • Vergin Press
    • El Paso, TX
    • Paperback
    • 197 pages
    • ISBN: 0935839054