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The Words and Music of Brian Wilson cover

The Words and Music of Brian Wilson


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Released on March 27, 2017

Written by Christian Matijas-Mecca


  • The Words and Music of Brian Wilson

    • March 27, 2017
    • Praeger
    • Santa Barbara, CA
    • Hardcover
    • 205 pages
    • ISBN: 1440838984
    A fascinating study of Brian Wilson's creative career as a composer, producer, performer, and collaborator that addresses all aspects of Brian's five-decade-long music career through his creative methods and processes.
    • Presents the first complete and career-spanning biography of Brian Wilson and detailed examination of his musical career
    • Considers Wilson's work with The Beach Boys and the many performers and bands with whom he collaborated as producer, songwriter, and performer in a chronological narrative instead of categorizing his work as ''Beach Boys''and ''Other''
    • Discusses Wilson's diverse musical activities as comprising equal parts devoted to composition, production, performance, and collaboration
    • Sorts through various conflicting narratives about Brian Wilson's career in order to provide an accurate account of his creative chronology.