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A Beach Boy's Tale cover

A Beach Boy's Tale

Brian Wilson Documentary

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Released on October 26, 1999

Run time: 100 min

Directed by Morgan Neville

Written by Peter Jones and Morgan Neville


  • Brian Wilson: A Beach Boy's Tale

    • October 26, 1999
    • A&E Home Video
    • US
    • VHS
    Meet the genius behind the Beach Boys and go beyond the studio and the stage to explore the private struggles of Brian Wilson who valiantly fought and won his battles with addiction. Brian Wilson is considered the musical genius behind one of the most popular musical groups of our time. Separate fact from fiction as intimate stories shared by family members, close friends and fellow Beach Boys as well as Brian Wilson himself dispel of many of the long-running and sensational rumors that have contributed to his legend. Listen to rare recordings and concert footage of some of the Beach Boys' greatest American classics that will show why countless critics, colleagues and fans consider Brian Wilson the pre-eminent musical genius of our time. From shy boy to king of the California Dreamers, Biography presents the most comprehensive look at the life and music of Brian Wilson ever filmed.