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On The Road With The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys Documentary

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Released on December 1, 2009

Run time: 95 min

Directed by Directed & Edited by Billy Hinsche

Executive Producer Billy Hinsche. Co-Producer Steve Latshaw


  • 1974: On The Road With The Beach Boys - Director's Cut

    • December 1, 2009
    • MFM Productions
    • US
    • DVD
    Filmed on location during the April and May Beach Boys tour of 1974.
    Featuring Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine and Ricky Fataar.
    With appearances by Billy Hinsche, Ed Carter, Carli Munoz, Bobby Figueroa, Jim Guercio and others.
    Live soundtrack includes concert segments of 'The Trader', 'Long Promised Road' and 'Marcella'.
    Also included is John Hunter Phillips' recording of 'Under A Beach Boy Moon' from his CD 'It's About Time'.
    2 Disc Set - Director's Cut (Disc 1) and The Interviews (Disc 2).
    Never before had cameras been allowed into the very private world of the touring Beach Boys quite like this - until now. This exclusive footage was shot using the very first portable video camera (called a Portapak) by UCLA graduate filmmaker and former Beach Boys musician Billy Hinsche, who takes you on a whirlwind romp through several days and nights of being up-close-and-personal with 'you are there' scenes of life on the road with the group Rolling Stone magazine called 'Band of the Year' for 1974.
    This rare historical black and white video footage is augmented by gorgeous color film and photos you have never seen before and is interspersed with interviews from 1974 band members and associates including Ricky Fataar (drums), Ed Carter (bass), Bobby Figueroa (percussion), Carli Muñoz (Hammond B-3), Billy Hinsche (piano), transitory synthesizer player Don Lewis, longtime tour manager Rick Nelson, and Holland album project sound engineer Steve Moffitt.
    Legendary record producer and Caribou Ranch owner Jim Guercio not only performs onstage with the band, but also shares his revealing insights and riveting stories as the group's manager and personal mentor to Dennis Wilson.
    The Director's Cut is a slightly modified and expanded version of the originally released 1974 DVD that has newly discovered and restored vintage black & white Portapak video footage of the original April and May tour that now extends into June of 1974, including vintage, never-before-seen, full color video footage from the 1989 BeaChago tour (Beach Boys & Chicago).
    'As close as it gets to as real as it was!' - Gerry Beckley, musician, co-founder of America
    'Wow. Brings back such great memories of being on the road with Carl, Dennis, and Billy'. - Danny Seraphine, drummer, BeaChago (Beach Boys & Chicago), former member of Chicago