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With a career that spans over six decades, The Beach Boys have one of the most extensive discographies out there. Listeners typically approach their music through either one of their many Greatest Hits compilations or through their masterpiece 'Pet Sounds'. But most of the time they just scratch the surface and find it hard to know where to go from there, missing amazing albums such as 'The Beach Boys Today!' or 'Sunflower'.

As lifelong Beach Boys fans, we thought we could build a better way of exploring The Beach Boys records by focusing on discoverability. The result is a browsing experience that feels like digging through vinyls.

What makes this site special?

  • It lists all the available editions of each item and specifies what's special about each of them (e.g. previously unreleased tracks).
  • It marks all the Hits from each album.
  • The list of Gems has been curated by Beach Boys connoisseurs.
  • It allows to filter and sort items by different criteria, which is great for discoverability.
  • It's responsive and mobile-friendly.

Additional information

Hit HIT The filled star indicates the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 (regardless of whether it entered any other US or foreign chart).

International Hit HIT The outlined star indicates the song entered a US chart other than the Billboard Hot 100 or any other chart around the world.

Gem GEM Indicates it's a lesser known track, but generally considered by Beach Boys aficionados as underrated or 'deep cut', having never entered any chart.

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